Hotel Steuer  

Hauptstraße 10 • 55758 Nationalparkgemeinde Allenbach

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Gemstone Grinding Museum and Jewellery Exhibition

Originated from a former gemstone grinding shop, the hotel is still strongly linked to gemstones today. Alongside the still can see the fully functioning water wheel, the symbol of our house, an attractive and impressive jewelery exhibition, which will provide you an insight into the world of gemstones.

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Expert guides

Under the expert guidance of Edwin Steuer himself a Master gemstone grinder, we offer the possibility of a free guided tour of our exhibition.

“Our gemstone grinding Museum with its attractive jewelery exhibition shows the full range of industry grinding equipment for the processing of precious stones. It allows you an insight into the artistic and creative work of lapidaries and goldsmith on the Deutschen Edelsteinstraße”, Edwin Steuer Master gemstone grinder

Grinding courses for residents

For interested guests our hotel offers the opportunity to book a multi-day grinding course, which takes place under the guidance of Edwin Steuer.

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