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Wanderwegenetz entlang der Deutschen Edelsteinstraße

Hiking trails along the Deutschen Edelsteinstraße route


A 1,500-kilometer network of hiking trails extends into a charming landscape along the Deutschen Edelsteinstraße route. Picnic areas, barbecue stations and a colourful variety of attractions providing a variety of short walks and hiking tours.

Follow one of our suggested routes and reach on foot some of the most finest area’s of the region From groups of 10 people or more we can offer for a small fee that your are accompanied by a hiking guide from the Hunsrück Association.

saar-hunsrueck-steigWalking on the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig

As a “Quality Host Walking in Germany” Hotel Steuer and the Guesthouse Rehwinkel are centrally located to reach easierly the most attractive hiking routes.

Further information about the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig.

Thematic teaching and discovery trails

Thematic walks complete the offer. An experience worth knowing about the history and nature – all year-round free access learning and adventure trails.

  • The 3.5 km long trail Bergbauliche Rundweg in Fischbach Mining makes the geological and mining historical relics in the vicinity tangible. Graphic signs provide background information on geological and historical background of the area.
  • “Through 2 millenniums” of history trails lead in the footsteps of the Celts, Romans and Knights in and around the Wildenburg near Kempfeld.
  • The 3.5 km long forest trail invites children and adults to playful adventure around the the woods oft the Wildenburg.
  • The Geopark Krahloch between Sensweiler and Wirschweiler informs you along on a 1 km long trail on display boards about the basics of geology, mineralogy, raw materials, nature and landscape space.
  • In the spirit of nature conservation there is the Allenbacher Weiher (dam)- 1 ha of water and 3 hectares of natural landscape. On the nature trail that leads around the biotope, the variety of unique flora and fauna are explained.
  • The orchard in Mackenrodt you are informed on about 1.5 km trail above the habitat, orchards richness in species species , diversity of use.
  • The 100-km long Sirona Walk in the footsteps of the Celtic-Roman cultural heritage in Hunsrück-Nahe-room provides the culturally interested hikers alongside closeness to nature, the chance to get to today’s recreational area as a prehistoric settlement area know at selected sites.
  • Located right in front of our hotel begins the nature trail Idarbach. Experience on your hike four attractions on the Deutschen Edelsteinstraße route. The nature trail Idarbach connects the recreation area “Allenbacher Weiher”, the “Geopark Krahloch” in Sensweiler, the “Sirona way” and the “Celtic ring wall ring head” with each other. The nearly 10 km long hiking trail is ideal to hike in sections. The circular route with abbreviation is suitable despite slight slopes for families with children.
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